1973 Chevelle SS wagon production numbers

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1973 Chevelle SS wagon production numbers

Post by dine73ss on Mon Oct 10, 2016 1:39 am

Although there are no hard figures about these "one year only" cars. I have spent many years collecting VINs and research during my short lived SS wagon registry back in the early 2000s.

There are so many rumored figures from 600 to 2500 so here is where I'm at with my research.

Total 1973 Malibu wagon 2 seat production 1D35:  18,592
Total 1973 Malibu wagon 3 seat production 1D35:    5,961
(Z15 "SS" package only available on Malibu wagon)

Total 1973 Chevelle Malibu Z15 "SS":   28,674 (including wagons)
Total 1973 Chevelle SS 454:  2,500
Total 1973 Chevelle SS 454/4 speed: 600

5% of the total 28647 SS production: 1432 SS wagons
5% of the Malibu wagon 2 seat with Z15 option:  929
5% of the Malibu wagon 3 seat with Z15 option: 298

Total estimate is 1200-1500 range for the Super Sport Station wagon
SS350 wagon (2/3 seat) 1361 +/-
SS454 wagon (2/3 seat) 71 +/-

Referenced Gen 2 Chevelle SS production data and used 5% as a high base number. Gen 2 are lower %.

Fremont, Arlington, Baltimore and Leeds all produced the SS wagon in various colors and combinations. If GM limited production per factory, 350 +/- per plant.  

All theory using data from Chevrolet, Chevelle literature and Chevelle forums and demand for SS coupes vs. SS wagons.

Thanks for you time.

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Re: 1973 Chevelle SS wagon production numbers

Post by kyle1979 Yesterday at 11:53 pm

Incredible detail to this information here, Dave. As limited as info is on these rare beauties, this is the most detailed count (with explanations) that I've seen on any sites. Thank you for your record keeping and attention to detail!
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