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Dash Cluster Rectangular Empty Dash Cluster Rectangular

Post by Joe73 on Mon Nov 28, 2016 8:34 pm

I have a rectangular dash cluster.  No gauges in it.  Just the cluster, printed circuit board and light sockets with bulbs.  Also has the gear shift indicator (for auto car).  The clear plastic on the indicator is pretty nice and clear.  The PRNDL lettering is not good.  The needle indicator mechanism is intact and operates as it should, so thats ready to bolt to a steering column.  Printed circuit board looks good and its date stamped 1973.

Anyone need the whole cluster, gear selector mechanism or the circuit board ?  I'll separate the parts.  If interested in any of it, want to make an offer or want more pics, PM me.  

Thanks guys.Dash Cluster Rectangular Cluste10
Dash Cluster Rectangular Cluste11
Dash Cluster Rectangular Cluste12
Dash Cluster Rectangular Cluste13
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