73-77 miscellaneous parts

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73-77 miscellaneous parts

Post by builtnotbought on Thu Jan 25, 2018 7:20 am

I have some parts that I will never use. Will ship international but need time to calculate shipping for each address. Don't know if shipping price will be reasonable but why not to try. Open to offers on items with no price.

1. Hooker 11032HKR reducers. 3" headers to 3" pipes.
Used, steel, were bolted on headers awaiting for exhaust shop and stayed there for several hours total of engine work and some months on car. Factory paint with scratches. 20$ + shipping

2. Panel under pedals, used, needs hard cleaning

3. Washer bottle cap and hose

4. 70-72 Cowl induction hood screen + screws, unboxed, new

5. Glove box door, needs repair, no key, no plastic hinge

6. Under dash speaker frame

7. Front grill sign holder, don't know if it broken or not

8. Front frame reinforcements, I guess from Monte Carlo, didn't clear my headers

9. Glove box light switch, no pushrod

10. Floor carpet, elcamino body, I guess it's aftermarket

11. Stock blower plastic fan

12. Vapor canister with bracket

13. Smuggler's box frame

14. Box itself, needs repair

15. Tailgate handle, poor chrome condition and center latch (will make photo if needed)

16. Front left fender antenna cable, used

17. Front and rear marker light housings, used

18. Lower chrome moldings, full kit, 6 pieces + plastic clips. Some dings, bends, paint, road's sandblast. Will make photos of door moldings. Selling only as a set.

19. Battery tray, not oem, was fitted in my car, sandblasted and painted as painter best could lol.

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