Windshield Urethane and Primer Dow U428+ Plus

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Windshield Urethane and Primer Dow U428+ Plus

Post by Joe73 on Tue Jul 24, 2018 4:28 pm

Dow U428+, U428 Plus and Dow 5504G Pinchweld primer with Daubers. Both are NOT EXPIRED. I bought (2) tubes and the primer just last week to install my quarter glass. I only used half a tube and only (1) dip of the dauber.

This urethane has a nice thick viscosity and CAN BE APPLIED WITH A NORMAL CAULKING GUN.

So I have this (1) brand new, unopened tube of U428+ and the bottle of 5504g pinchweld primer with only one dip taken out.

I paid $13.95 for EACH tube of the urethane and $28.95 for the primer.

If someone is looking to set some glass these would cost you $43.  This one tube is enough to set a windshield or back glass.

Price $25 firm.   I dont know if this is cost effective to ship but figured I'd post anyway.  Thanks guys.

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