G3 Junkyard Finds - East Texas

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G3 Junkyard Finds - East Texas

Post by g3chevy on Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:44 pm

Went to a junkyard with a buddy of mine last week to find parts for his 56 Ford Crown Vic Skyliner. To my surprise this guy had a couple of 73 A-Bodies laying around. This is one of those junkyards run by a guy who really doesn't want to sell any parts, just whole cars....at a price. Found this 73 SS Chevelle poor/fair condition after sitting on his property for 15 years so it's got quite a bit of rust. No drive train, basic bench seat car that originally had a 350. Somehow a set of G-Body bucket seats and console ended up inside. Any part you want to buy is $2000 and then he'll throw in the whole car as a bonus lol. Also found this rotted-out 73 El Camino with a very interesting roof molding design. Not sure if its a factory setup but if it wasn't, it was done properly by whomever modified this roof.

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