Engine, Rearend, misc parts from 1975 Chevelle

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Engine, Rearend, misc parts from 1975 Chevelle

Post by Iguy on Tue Nov 27, 2018 4:10 pm

Cleaning out space in the garage.  All parts are factory original and were working fine when I pulled them.  
Prefer not to ship the big items, I'm located in Eastern Iowa.
Some of these things I have no idea what they are worth, it if seems out of line just make an offer.
I can get pictures for the following, they are in boxes in my garage.  I'll add them later.

radiator and shroud, no holes or leaks I can see. $50
rear upper and lower control arms. $20
front and rear springs. $10
bench seat, blue, no arm rest. The structure is in good condition, needs re-covered.  $100
drive shaft. $25
front brake calipers (almost new pads), proportioning valve, master cylinder and booster. $20

8.5" 10-bolt 2.73:1 rearend. Open diff, not posi. New brake cylinders, upper control arm bushings, and longer studs. $700

350 2-barrel complete running engine, air cleaner to oil pan, fan to flex plate, alternator, power steering pump. 120k miles. $300

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