* Chicagoland Meets, 2011?

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* Chicagoland Meets, 2011?

Post by knightfan26917 on Sat Sep 11, 2010 3:31 pm

After seeing the New York Monte Carlo Club in action at their August gathering (Spiedie Fest, Binghamton NY) during my Nor'Easter Trek road trip, I'm not willing to "give up" on Chicagoland events. It seems, sometimes, that when we get together, people say, "We should do this more often" ... but that rarely happens. Perhaps it is time we make "more often" happen. After all, getting together with people IS the POINT....

While the MidSummer Chitown Gathering is done after 3 years due to fast-dwindling attendance (65 in 2008, 20 in 2009, 16 in 2010), let's try something different. I have ideas for "Meet'n'Greets":

Saturday, October 16, 2010
..."Fall Colors Drive"
...Galena IL/Franklin Grove IL
...go west from Chicagoland to Galena via US Route 20; return through Franklin Grove via the Lincoln Highway

Saturday, April 16, 2011
..."Taxes Done"
...Dwight IL (where IL RT 47 and US RT 66 "cross paths")
...(possibly) find a business that will give us ~10% off food to "eliminate" the tax

Saturday, July 30, 2011
..."Cold Treat"
...Elgin IL (near US RT 20)
...(possibly) find a restaurant that will give ~10% off ice cream, floats, malts, shakes, etc., to "beat the heat"

Saturday, October 15, 2011
..."October Fest"
...Volo IL
...visit the Volo Auto Museum

If people are interested in meeting regularly, perhaps we could name some "home" cruise nights....

So ... what do you think?

Are YOU interested in Chicagoland Meet'n'Greets in 2011?

The First MidSummer Chitown Gathering ... 07/26/2008:

The Final MidSummer Chitown Gathering ... 07/24/2010:

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Re: * Chicagoland Meets, 2011?

Post by knightfan26917 on Tue Sep 28, 2010 1:12 am


Anyone interested in a "Fall Colors Drive" Meet'n'Greet THIS year, OCTOBER 16, 2010?

Starks IL
~8a to ~8:25a
..gather at the gas station at the intersection of IL RT 72, IL RT 47 and US RT 20

Chicagoland to Galena IL
~8:30a to ~11:30a
US Route 20 W

Lunch in Galena IL
~11:30a to ~1p

Galena IL to Franklin Grove IL
~1p to ~3:30p
US Route 20 E
US Route 52 E
IL RT 38 E, Lincoln Highway (at Dixon IL)

Franklin Grove IL to Chicagoland
~4p to ~6p
IL RT 38 E, Lincoln Highway

Dinner in Chicagoland @ a Cruise Night
~6p to ?

How about the suggested 2011 Meet'n'Greets?

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Re: * Chicagoland Meets, 2011?

Post by knightfan26917 on Mon Oct 25, 2010 1:17 am


MidSummer Chitown Gatherings

First ... 07/26/2008 ... record-high 65 people:

Final ... 07/24/2010 ... 16 people:

I saw the NYMCC in action in person last August (Spiedie Fest; Binghamton NY). They also have awesome gatherings in NJ, MD & eastern PA.

I've noticed other regional groups (FGMCC western PA/Ohio; various regions of ChevyTalk and MCSS boards; etc.) have successful meets during the year.

In ALL cases, some people traveled HOURS for the event.

So ... next year, let's make "more often" happen in THIS area ... MARK YOUR CALENDARS and JOIN US!

Since NONE of these MEET'n'GREETS have ANY FEES, you can attend FOR LESS $ than REGISTRATION COSTS of some car shows/events.


...~11:30a to ~3p
@ Old Route 66 Family Restaurant
105 S Old Rt 66 (near IL RT 47)
Dwight IL

...~11:30a to ~3p
@ Lincoln Way Cafe
137 N Elm St (IL RT 38 / Lincoln Highway)
Franklin Grove IL

...~11a to ~9p

@ Culver's
280 Randall Rd (between Hopps & McDonald Rds)
S Elgin IL 60177
@ Colonial Cafe
600 S Mclean Blvd (2 blocks S of US RT 20, near Elgin Community College)
Elgin IL 60123

...THEN, 2 cruise nights:
Beef Villa
1225 W Spring St (S Elgin; E of Randall Rd)
1900 McDonald Rd (S Elgin; off Randall Rd)

@ Volo IL Auto Museum
27582 Volo Village Rd



= Elgin @ Rookies
2486 Bushwood Dr
...N of I-90, off Randall Rd

= Schaumburg @ Culver's
1800 Wise Rd
...N of US RT 20


= St Charles @ Rookies
1545 W Main St (IL RT 64)
...E of Randall Rd

= Hoffman Estates @ Barrington Square Mall
2300 W Higgins Rd (IL RT 72)
...E of Barrington Rd


= W Dundee @ Maxwell's
551 S 8th St (IL RT 31)
...N of I-90, S of IL RT 72

= St Charles @ Goody's
2057 Lincoln Way (IL RT 38/Lincoln Highway)
...E of Randall Rd


= Elgin @ Mr C's
1350 E Chicago St (IL RT 19, at Shales Parkway)
...E of IL RT 25, W of IL RT 59, N of US RT 20

= Geneva @ Courthouse
210 S 6th St
...W of IL RT 31, S of IL RT 38/Lincoln Highway

= Carpentersville @ Luke's
2 Lw Besinger Dr (off IL RT 25)
...N of IL RTs 68 & 72


= S Elgin @ McDonald's
453 Redington Dr (off Randall Rd)
...between Silver Glen & McDonald Rds, S of US RT 20


= S Elgin @ Beef Villa
1225 W Spring St
...E of Randall Rd

= S Elgin @ Nanner's
1900 McDonald Rd (off Randall Rd)
...S of US RT 20

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Re: * Chicagoland Meets, 2011?

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