no0b! 12sec Gbody Grand Prix

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no0b! 12sec Gbody Grand Prix

Post by khan0165 on Wed Oct 13, 2010 3:04 pm

hey Everyone,
I know Limey over from the GBodyForum, he told me to check this place out, so I signed up!

I'm from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
I don't own an A-body, but know lots about them. My brother has owned 3 Skylark GSs, and my buddy's been building his 69 Cutlass since he was 17, now has a 455 4spd M22 rock crusher.

my car is a 1983 Grand Prix, blue with grey interior. Here are some details:

sbc 4bolt 350, bored .030 over
Holley 750 Double Pumper, 72/82 jets
Hurricane/Victor Jr. Intake, gasket matched to heads
L98 aluminum heads, professionally port matched to AFR clones
- larger 2.0" intake, 1.55" exhaust
Crane valve springs
Self aligning 1.5 rockers
Comp Cams .495 lift, .236 dur @ 0.050 solid tap cam
TRW forged flat top pistons
Crank machined 10/20, fully balanced rotation assembly
Merlin high pressure oil pump with 7qrt oil pan
Flowtech headers
3" full dual exhaust and Dynomax mufflers
3 core rad, with dual electric fans on thermo switch
700R4, stage 2 kit, corvette servo
3000rpm stall converter
B&M Quick Silver shifter
balanced and shortened driveshaft
rebuilt 8.5 GN rear, with 3.42 gears rapped in a Eaton posi unit
-aluminum stud girdle

all Polyurethane bushings
5/8" rear sway bar
boxed control arms
front fender-to-radsupport bracing
front engine crossmember bracing
rear inside-trunk bracing
16" IROC wheels with 245/50R16 BFG KDW tires
27x10-15 Hoosier Slicks
line lock
brake proportioning valve

new trans temp, engine temp, oil pressure guages
new tac-meter and vacuum guage, mounted on steering column
10" Grant Classic series steering wheel
B&M Quick Silver shifter
black pleather summit racing seats
crapy stereo, new speakers, 2 rear, 2 under dash, 2 doors
alarm system, lights cutoff switch (for those "need to hide" moments)
original clock
all else in original condition

best ET of 12.9 @ 108mph (on slicks), 13.7 @ 102 on tires
top speed 245km/hr
cruising 2000rpm at 100km/hr
330 rwhp, 400 hp at flywheel

I'm still a beginner and I bought the car like this. I've learned alot from it, I enjoy it, beat on it, but I take care of it.

check out my photobucket for some pictures:

taken by previous owner:

I ran the car on slicks last year, but didn't have much luck due to a valvetrain issue:

some trips to the strip, 2010:

There's my car in a jist...

let's hear some comments!

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G3GM Newbie

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Re: no0b! 12sec Gbody Grand Prix

Post by Limey SE on Wed Oct 13, 2010 5:28 pm

HEY welcome aboard Khan glad you made it we have a part for you at the bottom of main page here for your specific years aka GBodies

Limey SE
Limey SE

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Re: no0b! 12sec Gbody Grand Prix

Post by JB2wheeler on Wed Oct 13, 2010 6:08 pm

Nice car, welcome Khan. I used to have an Oldsmobile very simular to that and my daughter spun out and hit a guardrail on the xway one rainy night. She sat there and stared as a car bore down on her and hit the left front wheel doing about 40 or 50 MPH. JB
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Re: no0b! 12sec Gbody Grand Prix

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