1973 dash harness & other stuff

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1973 dash harness & other stuff

Post by 77mali on Thu Oct 13, 2011 9:24 pm

1. I have a 1973 almost complete dash harness. I say this because (to me) it's missing the part that connects to the trunk harness that runs through the rocker channels that comes from the very top of the fuse box; although I suppose they may be two different ones, technically. It is set up for power windows & locks as well as original to a THM400 set up with little the clip that hooks to a deluxe gas pedal, was an A/C car & there is a second "panel" that connects a bunch of wires that was mounted under the dash to the firewall under the main gromet. Might also be some speaker wires for both sides but not 100% sure there, would have to look.

2. Front harness for same as above. Good shape w/ both bulbs...LOL.

3. 1973 Monte dash emblem...decent condition...don't know if they can be polished or not, feels like pot-metal...I know one year only style right?

Might put them on flea-bay. Think I'm going to end up keeping Mali's wires. Input appreciated. Much Thanks!

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