Oldsmobile Homecoming Car Show and Swap Meet 2009

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Oldsmobile Homecoming Car Show and Swap Meet 2009

Post by MichiganMuscle77 on Sun Jun 14, 2009 2:55 pm

Location: Lansing, MI
Date: Saturday, June 20th, 9am to 3pm

I know not a lot of you are Olds guys but we are all colonnade guys, so I figured I'd post this up in case anyone local would find interest in swinging by.

The event is free to the public but costs $20 to register your vehicle if you intend to show it, Oldsmobile only. I went last year and it was amazing, tons of beautiful all-American cars, and lots of GREAT examples of the 73-77 A-Body platform. You might even find a couple for sale, if you're looking to add to your garage.

The swap meet might interest you non-Olds guys more, as you know there are many interchangeable parts between the different makes and if you get there early you can find some pretty rare stuff and haggle over the price.

So if you're local, I strongly encourage you to swing by!! Definitely bring your rides, too, but you'll unfortunately have to leave them in the visitor parking lot - which is OK, sometimes a mini car show goes on there for those who don't have Oldsmobiles but love cars.

Here is a link to a PDF version of the flyer:

For those without Acrobat Reader, here's the main page:

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Re: Oldsmobile Homecoming Car Show and Swap Meet 2009

Post by The Dude on Mon Jun 15, 2009 12:40 am

If I were closer, I would definitely go. I'm more of an Olds guy myself so you're not alone, lol.
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