GM Delco AM/FM/8-Track For Sale

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GM Delco AM/FM/8-Track For Sale

Post by Mcarlo77 on Fri Feb 05, 2016 5:11 pm

Just found and pulled this factory original Delco AM/FM/8-Track Stereo player from a '78 Delta 88 that I really don't need...but, thought somebody might be interested in. I tested each function and they all work. This is the same as used on most all GM cars of the 70's. Selling as a package w/speakers. Smaller speakers are the right size to fit the optional dual speaker front mount found on some of our cars...with a minor mod requiring drilling two mtg holes next to the existing one. I may have an extra dual speaker mount. Looking at around $150 (plus shipping) for radio and (4) speakers.

Contact me if interested.

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