Chevy Garage Clean Out sale.

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Chevy Garage Clean Out sale.  Empty Chevy Garage Clean Out sale.

Post by bracketchev1221 on Mon Oct 10, 2016 1:35 pm

TCI mini starter like new part number 351100.  $100 plus shipping.

Moroso BBC red anodized valve covers like new.  $30 plus shipping

7.200" .080" wall 5/16" chromoly pushrods.  Good for small block with retro hydro roller cam setup.  Used for mockup, needed shorter ones. $40

Chevy points distributor converted to Pertronix electronic kit with Melonized gear for roller cam with new cap and rotor.  $50.

Have 1 set of 781 casting Big block chevy steel heads and a 350 4 bolt block, but those would have to be local.  

Parts are in Lancaster PA.  Thanks Ray.
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