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gauge panel lights

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gauge panel lights Empty gauge panel lights

Post by pila Wed Nov 02, 2016 6:04 pm

I've been having a bad time with the lighting in my gauge panel, on the '75 Elco. It started with the high beam indicator lamp not working, and went downhill from there. Some of the twist-in lamp sockets were not making good contact with the printed circuit etc. I polished the printed circuit and the lamp socket contacts.
Today I discovered that the wiring connector for the printed circuit was not locked into the backing panel behind the gauge panel, on one side. Turns out the the edge of one of the clips that holds that connector in place wasn't holding anymore. Not really noticeable until I started poking around, to find out why some lamps were lit, and some not.

I ended up using a small thin piece of aluminum on the base panel (dash structure plastic), to get under the clip far enough to keep the connector locked in place. A small screw holds the metal piece in place. And as a added assurance, some black weather strip cement around it.
I've been fooling with this for like 4 days now. Mad Tomorrow I may finally get this back together...

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gauge panel lights Empty Re: gauge panel lights

Post by Mcarlo77 Wed Nov 02, 2016 7:25 pm

I've said it before...those little black sockets suck! I'll have a handful I'll be testing and invariably, a couple won't work. Then, wiggle and/or remove/reinstall the bulb and voila, they work!

Glad you seemingly found the problem.
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