Limey's Brain storming again

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Limey's Brain storming again  Empty Limey's Brain storming again

Post by Limey SE on Thu Nov 24, 2016 12:25 am

My New Job that I got makes vending machines and I got some scrap ( what they call it) plexiglass and I am going to make some custom headlight covers black only for now, I am waiting for the fastener company to confirm i can but them in smaller quanitys and not the min 100 pc order, As it stands right now ONLY the stacked Headlight version will be offered UNLESS some one wants to step up and send me a set of 73 74 round head light bezels for a Pattern (at a very deep discount) Will look like this when done BUT WILL BE Qucik release for night driving LET ME KNOW

Limey's Brain storming again  Img_2010

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