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Post by wbaker01 on Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:24 pm

I bought these for my 73 Chevelle but contrary to what was posted for compatibility, they did not work.

Here's what I have..

Inline tube - 60-88 GM Suspension Front Upper Lower Control Arm Mounting bolts and nuts (Too small for my 73) $20.00
Inline tube - 64-79 Idler arm bolts (Too small for my 73) $4.00
Thepartsplaceinc - 1964-74 Gm Front Disc / Front Drum brake rotor spindle backing plate washer gaskets (if I recall correctly these were too small as well) $5.00

Door strikers - I've had these for years and they are small and skinny, may be from a 78 and up G body, not sure. $2.00

Will take best offer on all and pricing doesn't include shipping..Misc parts. Lxeljg10
Misc parts. Bi7emr10
Misc parts. Mlcequ10
Misc parts. Unadju45
Misc parts. Unadju46
Misc parts. Unadju47

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