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Jeep Grand Cherokee Steering Box

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Steering Box Empty Jeep Grand Cherokee Steering Box

Post by sportster_restorer Sun Aug 20, 2017 7:18 pm

I was cleaning out some old issues of Hot Rod and found one that discussed replacing the stock power steering box on an older Chevelle with one from a Jeep Grand Cherokee, 96 -98 or thereabouts. Apparently the Jeep box is 12 to 1 and has steering stops in just about the right places for a 68-72 Chevelle. The Jeep box uses the o-ring style fitting that GM went to so they just recommended using lines from like an 80s Monte Carlo and either getting an o-ring fitting for the PS pump, or just getting a pump from the Monte Carlo.

Jeep boxes are pretty common and cheap in yard and the Hot Rod article seemed to say it was an inexpensive way to get a quick ratio box that has the stops that work fairly well. Seems like Monte Carlo SS parts disappear pretty quickly out of yards these days.

Anyone tried one of these for a G3?

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Steering Box Empty Re: Jeep Grand Cherokee Steering Box

Post by crice63 Mon Aug 21, 2017 2:52 am

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