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Favorite road trip memory?

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Favorite road trip memory? Empty Favorite road trip memory?

Post by knightfan26917 on Tue 23 Feb 2010 - 22:09

With spring and the unofficial "road trip" season approaching, I'm sharing a daily "Road Trip Snapshot" photo/link on Facebook.

Since 2002, I've done at least one major road trip a year to meet people and see family/friends. Unfortunately, I did not "document" those first 2 trips. The second trip, an August 2003 excursion out east, came 7 months after my last open heart surgery and about a month after I bought my 1987 Monte Carlo LS/CL, which performed flawlessly through Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky.

I went west, October 2004, and planned my trip around the ValveReplacement Reunion in Golden CO, traveling as far west as Utah:

I went east again, August 2005, in a virtual "reversal" of my 2003 trip, though I went a little farther south and a little farther east, from Alabama/Georgia to New Jersey/Pennsylvania:

I went west again, October 2006, in a "shortened" excursion due to less vacation time, making it as far as Texas/Oklahoma/Iowa:

I went southeast, November 2007, to go farther south than I had been previously, traveling all the way to northern Florida:

I went east again, August 2008, in a shorter and somewhat combined version of my 2003 and 2006 travels through to New Jersey:

I went southwest, September 2009, and south, November 2009, going as far as California along famed US Route 66:

While I look forward to driving to the northeast this year (August 2010) and then to the northwest sometime in 2011, it's fun reminiscing about previous road trips. So ... what are your favorite road trip memories???

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