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May be why I love Monte Carlos...lol.

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May be why I love Monte Carlos...lol. Empty May be why I love Monte Carlos...lol.

Post by 74MonteCarlo on Fri Apr 30, 2010 9:13 pm

One reason I may love Monte Carlos so much, is the high amount of them(past & present) in my family. SO, here goes the list. Starting with the oldest model year, to the newest...

1974 Landau (Mine)
1977 S (Grandma's, bought brand new, later sold to my dad)*
1981 (Dad's, later sold to my ^grandma)*
1987 Luxury Sport (Aunt/Godmother's)*
1997 LS (Great Aunt's, 25,000 miles)
1998 LS (Mine)
2001 LS/HS (Mom's, sold two years later becasue it was black and she couldn't keep it clean)*
2002 SS (Grandma's, same who bought the 77 brand new)
2003 SS/HS (Mom's current)
2003 LS (Great Uncle)


Anyone have a similar story?

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May be why I love Monte Carlos...lol. Empty Re: May be why I love Monte Carlos...lol.

Post by novaderrik on Sun May 02, 2010 10:01 pm

my dad had a maroon 73 Monte when i was a kid.
so far, i've had 2 70's, 2 74's, a 76, a 77, a 78, an 82, and an 87 SS.
of those, i actually drove the 74's, 76, and 77. the rest either got parted out or i got rid of before i got them road worthy. the 87 is currently sitting at my mom's waiting for me to either sell it (going cheap- like $300 cheap) or part it out and scrap the shell.

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May be why I love Monte Carlos...lol. Empty Re: May be why I love Monte Carlos...lol.

Post by 1973 454 MONTE on Sun May 02, 2010 11:52 pm

when my mom and step dad got married in 73,my stepdad had a new 72 monte.i drove that car to school in 84 and thought it was bad a$$. when school was over for me in 84,it was time to buy my first car. my uncle turned me on to the 73-77's but sided more with the 73. after having some conversations with him about the montes,i found out he and my father worked on these cars when new. they would buy strip outs or wrecks and put montes together to drive and then sell. he also said he and my father still had extra parts from cars they parted out. so off i went looking for a second gen monte. i tried to buy a triple maroon 74 that was bought from out of state,but when the seller took it to get inspected,the state took it from him. Sad than about a week later my uncles buddy came up from the carolinas with a 75 monte that ended up being my first car. since that moment in 84 I became a MONTEHOLIC.
I have had 11-73's only 2 were bench seat cars,4-74's,2-75's,3-76's,1-77. I also had the 72 monte,a 74 malibu,and the 77 malibu wagon my parents bought brand new.
1973 454 MONTE
1973 454 MONTE
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May be why I love Monte Carlos...lol. Empty Re: May be why I love Monte Carlos...lol.

Post by The Dude on Mon May 03, 2010 12:10 pm

Where to begin???

Mom owned a 72 Cutlass Supreme. Wrecked it when I was a baby. Dad owned a matching one but with a Muncie, same color & everything right around the same time. Dad sold the Cutlass, bought a 70 Chevelle in 1985 & drove it until I got the keys when I was 15. We built the motor in it when I was 12* (first motor build-assist). I only drove it for 4 months before I blew the motor & the car burnt to the ground during restoration in a fire.

After my mom wrecked her Cutlass, she owned a 75(? - hard to remember) Elky for a while until she got a 76 Caprice (we called it the banana because it was big & yellow Smile ). My step-dad has owned a couple of 80's Monte Carlos, but not sure what years. Never really paid attention. He also had a 96 Monte.

My Grandpa Rago owned a 75 Grand Prix, loaded with options. It supposedly had a police package from when he was a deputy & special ordered it (my guess is just an F41 suspension, since I've never heard of 9C1 being available for them).

My uncle owned a 69 Chevelle in High School. My other grandparents owned a 78 Cutlass & an 82 Regal. My cousin has owned three 71-72 Cutlasses so far & is on the hunt for another one. This is just what I can recall, I'm sure there's more & this is only counting A B & G bodies. I could go on for days about other cars.

Now for me. I started with the 70 & soon afterwords bought a 76 Malibu for $275 that I drove throughout high school. It was every bit as nice as the one that I currently own & I modified it along the way. After losing it, I dropped out of domestics & moved on to Eclipses for a few years. I scored a 72 Cutlass for free just to get it out of the owner's yard. This got me back into A bodies. Apparently I must have caught a fever or something because....... About a year later, I traded my last Eclipse for two 71 Chevelles (although one was just a shell). Before I could do anything with them, I traded Dan for the 73 Chevelle. Probably two weeks prior to that, I bought my current 76. I plan to get an A Body for my step son. He is getting ready to turn 7 & already loves helping me out with cars.
Very Happy
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May be why I love Monte Carlos...lol. Empty Re: May be why I love Monte Carlos...lol.

Post by knightfan26917 on Thu May 13, 2010 9:38 pm

74MonteCarlo wrote:Anyone have a similar story?


You might say that....

Dad and Mom have owned:
1976 Monte Carlo ("mine" ... in car heaven now)
1981 Monte Carlo SC (now mine)
1997 mc LS

I have owned:
1972 Monte Carlo
1976 Monte Carlo Landau
1979 Monte Carlo Landau (first car)
1981 Monte Carlo SC (formerly Dad and Mom's)
1987 Monte Carlo LS/CL
1988 Monte Carlo LS (gone but NOT forgotten)
2000 mc LS (gone and very forgotten)

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May be why I love Monte Carlos...lol. Empty Re: May be why I love Monte Carlos...lol.

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