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September Summer Review ... road style

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September Summer Review ... road style Empty September Summer Review ... road style

Post by knightfan26917 on Sat Sep 11, 2010 3:30 pm

We have reached September 2010 already...can you believe it?!
A month ago ... I was on my Nor'Easter Trek Road Trip.
A YEAR ago ... I was on Route 66....

In response to my "Road Ahead ... Perspectives" thread, someone from one of my heart-related boards mentioned that events that take place along roads you travel also influence your perception of those roads. She told of witnessing a terrible collision years ago on one stretch of road they travel frequently that still sticks with her today.

So ... instead of the usual "what did you do this summer?" ... the query is:
From this past summer (or farther back), what experience(s) on what road(s) will stick with you?

For me....

IL Route 47 (which crosses US Route 20, the Lincoln Highway, and US Route 66)...:
Every time I travel this road, whether up here west of Elgin IL while driving my Monte Carlos in the summer months or heading south towards US Route 24 or I-74 en route to TN, I'm reminded of my return home from my November 2007 road trip and how icy the road was. I remember a couple sections, including one south of the RR tracks in Elburn IL, where I thought sure I was going to slide off the road or into oncoming traffic ... but, luckily, I never did.

Moose Range Rd (northwest of Burlington IL)...:
The day before the final MidSummer Chitown Gathering, the Chicago area had record rainfalls. Now, each time I travel this road, I will associate it with those record rainfalls and scenes like this, heading north:
September Summer Review ... road style 04_Chitown3_07242010_DriveMooseRangeRd

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