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Down The Tracks

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Down The Tracks Empty Down The Tracks

Post by knightfan26917 on Tue Sep 28, 2010 1:15 am

#1 = Route 66 Mother Road Museum, Barstow CA, 09/16/2009:
Down The Tracks 0931_091609d12_CAbrstw_66MRMtracks

#2 = through Hampshire & Pingree Grove IL to Elgin IL (alongside the Fox River)

2A, Walker Rd crossing W of Hampshire IL...

...looking W:
Down The Tracks MISCtrainWalkerWlooking

...looking E:
Down The Tracks MISCtrainWalkerElooking

2B, State St crossing in Hampshire IL...

...looking W:
Down The Tracks MISCtrainHampshireWlooking

...looking E:
Down The Tracks MISCtrainHampshireElooking

#3 = through Burlington & Plato Center IL to S Elgin IL (after crossing Hopps & Randall Rds)

3A, Base Line Rd crossing W of Burlington IL, just W of the Moose Range Rd crossing...

...looking W:
Down The Tracks MISCtrainBaseLineWlooking

...looking E, barely see the Moose Range Rd crossing:
Down The Tracks MISCtrainBaseLineElookingATmr

3B, Moose Range Rd crossing W of Burlington IL, just E of the Base Line Rd crossing...

...looking W, barely see the Base Line Rd crossing:
Down The Tracks 10RT440e_IL_0822_RRw

...looking E:
Down The Tracks MISCtrainMooseRangeElooking

3C, Burlington Rd crossing in Burlington IL...

...looking W:
Down The Tracks MISCtrainBurlingtonWlooking

...looking E:
Down The Tracks MISCtrainBurlingtonElooking

3D, Bowes Rd crossing at Nesler Rd between Plato Center & S Elgin IL...

...looking W:
Down The Tracks MISCtrainBowesWlooking

...looking E:
Down The Tracks MISCtrainBowesElooking

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