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Colors & Reflections

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Colors & Reflections Empty Colors & Reflections

Post by knightfan26917 on Mon Oct 25, 2010 1:21 am


...FRI, 10/08/2010, Plato Center IL, my nephew & pumpkins:
Colors & Reflections MISCcolor1_jjPhilPumpkin

...10/2004, Golden CO:
Colors & Reflections MISCcolor2_Oct04goldenCO

...SUN, 08/10/2008, Baltimore MD:
Colors & Reflections MISCcolor3_Sunday08102008baltMD

...THU, 09/17/2009, NM:
Colors & Reflections MISCcolor4_Thursday09172009newMexico

...Elgin IL, Nesler Rd near Bowes Rd:
Colors & Reflections MISCcolor5_NeslerRd

...N of Sycamore IL, along IL RT 23:
Colors & Reflections MISCcolor6_il23

...Schaumburg IL:
Colors & Reflections MISCcolor7_work

...Schaumburg IL, corner of Arbor Glen & Hillcrest Blvds, W of Roselle Rd:
Colors & Reflections MISCcolor8_work

...W of Starks IL, along IL RT 72:
Colors & Reflections MISCcolor9_il72

...Elgin IL, along US RT 20 at Coombs & Plank Rds:
Colors & Reflections MISCcolor10_USrt20


...Plato Center IL, along Russell Rd:
Colors & Reflections MISCreflect1

...my 1972 MC in my 1976 MC's driver's side front fender:
Colors & Reflections MISCreflect2

...my 1976 & 1981 MCs in my 1979 Caprice Classic's mirror:
Colors & Reflections MISCreflect3

...my 1981 & 1979 MCs in my 1979 Caprice Classic's mirror:
Colors & Reflections MISCreflect4

...barn/garage in steering wheel & trees in my 1987 MC LS/CL's mirror:
Colors & Reflections MISCreflect5

...misc in a 1979 Cadillac's trunk, back bumper, passenger's side rear fender & back window:
Colors & Reflections MISCreflect6

...John Deer tractor & a Chevy CabOver in the side of a 1929 Essex:
Colors & Reflections MISCreflect7

...1970 Buick LeSabre rear & a portion of my 1979 Caprice Classic in a 1990s Silverado's rear window:
Colors & Reflections MISCreflect8

...1970 Buick LeSabre in a 1990s Silverado's driver's side rear:
Colors & Reflections MISCreflect9

...my 1979 Caprice Classic in a 1970 Buick LeSabre's driver's side rear fender:
Colors & Reflections MISCreflect10

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