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liscence plate frames

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liscence plate frames Empty liscence plate frames

Post by coreys73chevelle on Thu Dec 25, 2008 1:45 am

some frame ideas i thought up for the chevelle, they are ANTI-RICER kinda like me...

- If you can read this, you drive an Import.

-Attention Ricers! domestics-R-not road blocks, so why is it you cant pass them?

-i wasnt speeding officer! i was winning.

-once a shark gets a taste for blood, it craves it. Muscle cars are born that way and FYI your car is bleeding.

-MSDS online said it is healthy to smoke an import.
-MSDS online says you should smoke at least one Rice Burner a day.

-anyone have a toothpick? there seems to be some sort of rice in my grille, Yuck!

-domestics= loud, powerful, and import hungry.

- If you cant afford Muscle cars, Take a bus

-the sound of V8 engines work just as well as Advil, to cure headaches from the beehive cars

(i saw this on a shirt)
-"Will Work For Muscle Car Parts"-

- Officer, the reason I couldnt slow down is i have arthiritis in my right foot, so it hurts like hell when i lift it.

- how many times must the origonal 5.7 be copied?

- its ok, stay calm, chevys only bite imports with drivers who think their car is fast, so you are safe.

- (another one i saw, but i made it say chevelle and changed the end a little)
"she said choose her or the chevelle, i miss her, but the ring pawned good for new parts "

please copy and paste your favorate one on comment. thanks guys
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liscence plate frames Empty Re: liscence plate frames

Post by JB2wheeler on Thu Dec 25, 2008 6:47 am

You dont need a liscense plate frame, you need a billboard! I do not advertise, I have my 74 Elky looking as stock as possible and when they see a fat old gray haired man behind the wheel of a stock looking car that no one would want to be seen in, thats when I smoke them. BTW, does anyone know where I can get some 17 inch Portawalls? JB
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