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Cheap Monte SS

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Cheap Monte SS Empty Cheap Monte SS

Post by The Dude on Mon May 09, 2011 3:19 pm

I'm not huge on G Bodies or even Monte Carlos in general, but this is kind of sad to see one in this shape. Is that a factory sunroof? Hopefully someone saves the car.


Great car on dirt, has no interior ready for role cage if wanting to race, runs great!!!! Call Matt for any Questions at 417-392-7137 Thanks!!

Cheap Monte SS 3n23o83l35Y65T15W3b56cb99e4479e401823
Cheap Monte SS 3nb3k33oe5V35U65R2b5691d7603eea631806
Cheap Monte SS 3k93m23o75Z55U55X2b56f7746df0a5101ca0
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