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1977 Chevy Chevelle Wiring Diagram?

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1977 Chevy Chevelle Wiring Diagram? Empty 1977 Chevy Chevelle Wiring Diagram?

Post by 1977chevelle Wed Apr 01, 2009 9:40 pm

Hey Everyone, im new to the site and new to the world of cars. I bought my first car not even a week ago(1977 chevy chevelle) and im looking to do some work on the car. I apologize ahead of time if i ask stupid questions or if i posted this in the wrong area.

I brought my car in to my local mechanic the other day, and asked him to look in to getting my gas gauge working. The only gauge in my dash that works is my spedometer, when i went to pick it up today he said that he couldnt hook it up because he didnt have a wiring diagram for the instrument cluster. I was just hoping that someone might have the wiring diagram for my model? and im just hoping for ANY information at all.

Hoping to hear responses!


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1977 Chevy Chevelle Wiring Diagram? Empty Re: 1977 Chevy Chevelle Wiring Diagram?

Post by Limey SE Wed Apr 01, 2009 9:48 pm

jermey first off welcome tot he site and even better job on scoring a chevelle for your first car look in the elctrical section here i have a spermanent post called a sticky it should work for all our years if not i will get one for your year

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