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An Ode to the Tow Truck Driver

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An Ode to the Tow Truck Driver Empty An Ode to the Tow Truck Driver

Post by 77mali on Mon Aug 26, 2013 9:34 pm

Dear Tow truck guy:

You took my 60 bucks but you saved my a$$ today (priceless).

You had tools right on board your truck that I'd kill for like a telescoping 3/4" drive breaker bar that went from 18 to 42 inches,
a very manly ball peen hammer, industrial grade sockets, a pneumatic jack and battery operated impact wrench. How friggin' cool!

You got my two stripped lug nuts off my wheel when nothing else would work and you came in 5 minutes, were done in 10 &
my a$$ was gone from there.

Thank you tow truck guy

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