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Laguna's on Facebook

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Laguna's on Facebook Empty Laguna's on Facebook

Post by thepossumface on Sun Dec 08, 2013 1:56 am

Well ive been looking and looking for some months now and never came up on a laguna page on facebook, figure thats what most people use now.
Ive started one of course anyone is welcomed to it, but mostly wanted to do it for The Laguna's so we can get people who have them to find help with whatever they need and to show off some work or whatever just an idea its still a work in progress so forgive all the nothingness on there yet haha
here is a link for it, https://www.facebook.com/chevylagunas3 or https://www.facebook.com/chevylagunas3/info which ever works for you guys.
Let me know what you guys think if there is anything we can do for that.
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