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Post by ' HARRY ' on Tue Jun 16, 2009 2:21 am

Well needless to say, I'm an old fart and I don't 'tweet'. But my wife is younger than I and she's into all this new fangled computer stuff and she gave me a heads up that I will pass on to anyone here who is interested in current events......

* Do a twitter search: #iranelection

* You will note that a lot of folks have changed their twitter icons to the colour green in solidarity with the Iranian students and others there protesting the rigged 'election'.

* The Iranian government has blocked facebook and many news websites in country to prevent the outside world from learning about what is happening there as they crack down on those opposed to the current regime. Many people there have got around that by using their cell phones and posting messages to twitter and by uploading pictures to websites using proxy servers. As a result, there are folks worldwide who have joined together to take down Ahmedinijad's official website and they are attempting to take down other Iranian government websites as well.

Why do we here in America care? Because the young people of Iran who make up a majority of the population there want freedom and a form of self-governing democracy (maybe not quite like our own, but certainly far different than the current totalitarian Islamic regime in place there since 1979). And if these young people can take control of their country's destiny as have the young people of Lebanon who recently rejected Hamas and Hezbollah as the puppet government imposed upon them by Iran...... There will finally be a chance for peace in the Middle East. For it is the terrorist surrogates of the current Iranian government (Hamas, Hezbollah and the Iranian QUDs Force) who our troops are actually fighting in Iraq and who have supplied other jihadiists there with the snipers and the IEDs that have killed and wounded the majority of our casualties in Iraq since Hussein's forces were defeated in 2003.

If you are into computers and know of any way to help these young people, please do. Because if the threat posed by the current Iranian regime to world peace in general and to our own troops in particular were neutralized...... It would save many lives on all sides...... Most especially those of our friends and loved ones now serving in Iraq.



P.S. >>>> Yes, I understand that the Ayatollah is Iran's 'Supreme Leader' and that he runs the show from behind the scenes whilst Ahmedinijad is little more than a figurehead doing the Ayatollah's bidding. But if the true election results were enforced and 'his man' ousted, it would weaken the Ayatolla's power and make him vulnerable for a coups d'etat and thereby facilitate regime change in Iran.
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