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Post by Limey SE on Sat Sep 27, 2014 11:06 pm

Well went to Jefferson Car Show / Swap Meet today Courtesy of my Beautiful fiancé Melinda, Thank you for making this such a great day for our Family these were all the Pics I have because my stupid ness forgot to charge the Phone on the hour and 15 minute drive LMAO anyway Got the Valve Covers I have been searching for, for 6 months or so, Guy wanted 10 bucks fiancé gave him a $20 and he said he ran out change and vendors around him didn't either soHe said give him all the $1 bills I had in my front Pocket HHAAA I only had four $1 bills LMAO Winner LOL And got to meet a guy been slinging Parts back and forth for years FInally got to put a face to the voice even after picking up stuff from his House LOL Tom Shaw,  I tell you what his White 74 Laguna looks a lot better in person, And one day Joe we will meet after a few years as well ( maybe when you give up the swivels) Will let you know when I install them springs, and as you will let me know when you wanna part with them Swivels LOL

OH YEA I forgot to add ONE important detail the SE will now be sporting a front spoiler ( not original ) hell no one has ever seen what the original one was so I am going with it and gained a hole for driving lights in it as well !! this is what it will look like Tom was nice to grab some pics for me

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