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Roadcaptain's 77 Build Thread.

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Post by Roadcaptain S3 on Sat Apr 25, 2015 11:05 am

I actually have another set of swivels in my basement, but the car is at my buddies place getting the shifter and column installed.

I still have to get the passenger side belt in as well. Once those two thing are done, I'll work on getting the belts guides in place.

I ran into a problem with the column swap, long story but if anyone wants to swap columns, do the best you can to obtain a column from the same year as the car you have.

I'm going from a 77  non-tilt /column shift to a tilt /floor shift column

I have had to combine parts from two different columns, one from a 7?  Chevelle or Monte, and one from a 77 Gran Prix. The turn signal switches, steering wheel, horn switch and some of the column guts have to line up properly and all of that seems to differ from year to year depending...I'm still piecing things together and will report on specific trubbas when I'm done...should have it finished Monday.

I knew going in that the 73 and 77 columns differed from the 74-76 on the bottom end and with the wiring. What I didn't know was that the 77 also differs from the other on the top end as well. I'm getting it worked out, but it's been more complicated than just swapping it in.
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