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Some variety, including spring debuts & old pics

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Some variety, including spring debuts & old pics Empty Some variety, including spring debuts & old pics

Post by knightfan26917 Fri Apr 17, 2015 7:10 am

Have your summer vehicle(s) made their spring 2015 debut…?

…Slowly but surely I’ve seen classics on the roads again! Always fun to spy ‘em….

Anyone else love old family photographs, particularly when vehicles are involved!?

More CC goodness: someday hope to add an early-mid 1970s CC to my 1979 & 1989 CC family….

Dodge power & 2 other variants for Wagon Wednesday:

Never quite understood why the Mustang & MC are pitted against each other; they aren’t exactly in the same car class…. But, saw quite a few comparisons & competitions between the 2 nameplates when I was on MC-related boards & groups….

…Back then, I hosted a few events between 2008 & 2012, including these 3:

1st “Midsummer Chitown Gathering”, 07/26/2008 … ~65 people (from Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin & the Cleveland OH area) attended:

3rd (final) “Midsummer Chitown Gathering”, 07/24/2010 … only a fraction of the people (with farthest from Auburn IL)….

I hosted 1 cruise night in 2012:

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