14X7 Chevrolet Ralley Wheels

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14X7 Chevrolet Ralley Wheels Empty 14X7 Chevrolet Ralley Wheels

Post by Mitchell Murphy on Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:30 am

G3 Guys- I have a set of nice driver quality 14 X 7 Ralley wheels removed from a 1979 Malibu. I sold the car a few years ago and no longer have a need for them. These are a straight and true, the reason I know is that I ran them on a car for a few months before deciding to sell them. They are complete with the 5 smaller inner trim rings, center caps, and outer trim rings-they are posted by a friend on ebay now for you to see-Thanks to ALL G3 guys for keeping these colonade cars alive and well- who said Chevelle stopped in 1972? -hanks Mitch

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