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Post by RossK73 on Tue Dec 19, 2017 2:52 pm

Hello all - I am posting this list of great stuff for a fellow G3'er. He just sold his 73 SS to a member here but has a lot of nos parts to unload. You can deal with him direct thru his cell and email - phone 321 525 0607 Or email - his name is Joe and he can better describe the parts and send you pics.
Have a great Christmas and New Year!
Here is what he has....
1. NOS front grill stainless – 2 pieces
2. NOS wheel trim rings – 5
3. NOS a/c relay
4. NOS back up tail lense
5. NOS brake lines and front bumper filler
6. NOS door rocker moldings
7. NOS front and rear brake linings
8. NOS front bumper filler centre
9. NOS front bumper filler side pieces
10. NOS front grill and stainless small pieces
11. NOS front grill stainless
12. NOS front grill
13. NOS front marker, headlight bezel and licence light
14. NOS headlight bezel and brake line
15. NOS horn relays – 2
16. NOS interior plastic trim parts
17. NOS LH interior door window moldings
18. NOS a/c hoses
19. NOS a/c elec part and SS rear emblem
20. NOS brake hoses – 2
21. NOS parking brake and seat belt warning s/w
22. NOS plastic quarter moldings
23. NOS rad hoses and fan belts
24. Original rear bumper
25. Reconditioned carb – quad 4 barrel
26. NOS front bumper fillers – sides
27. NOS shifter boot
28. NOS SS rear emblems – 2
29. NOS manual tranny reverse s/w
30. NOS steering flange and clamps
31. NOS top of window clip
32. NOS under hood light
33. NOS wheel centre cap
34. NOS Z bar front stainless – 2 sets
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NOS parts list Empty Re: NOS parts list

Post by ant7377 on Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:14 pm

His car was on the cover of Muscle Machines. Beautiful car. I recognize the name in the email address.
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