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Nice '76 laguna for sale.

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Nice '76 laguna for sale. Empty Nice '76 laguna for sale.

Post by 73guna Fri Aug 24, 2018 2:35 pm

I first saw this car sitting in a parking lot a couple years ago Sioux Falls SD.
I went over and talked to the guy as he was pulling in the lot from his lunch break.
His dad bought it new in '76, had it painted and new quarters put on in the 90's.
His dad passed away a few years ago and it became his car.
I left my number with him and went on my way.
Well, here we are two years later and he contacted me and he's looking to sell, but unfortunately Im not financially able to make a respectable offer.
So here it is on ebay if anyone is looking for a nice '76 Laguna.
I havent paid attention to what these cars are selling for does anyone care to guess what it will go for?


Nice '76 laguna for sale. S-l1600_zpsm9jgs1gy

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