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SBC Valve Springs

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SBC Valve Springs - Page 2 Empty Re: SBC Valve Springs

Post by bigredlaguna Mon Mar 05, 2018 10:40 pm

This is what I would do to the 906's you got a line on.

1) Check valve guides and replace if necessary.
2) Have the guides machined for clearance of valve lift. The cam you mentioned is at the edge of comfort with the factory configuration. It is also a single pattern cam, so a set of 1.6 rockers for the exhaust may be beneficial due to the exhaust port being the weak link as mentioned for these heads.
3) Help the exhaust port a little bit by at least cleaning them up of any flash, roughness, etc.

Everything I have read points to the edelbrock RPM intake being the closest to the old LT1 manifold. There are some offshore knockoffs that don't cost as much, except Weiand. They are made in China and cost the same as the Eddy. If you can find one used for less than 200, get it. If you buy new, expect to spend about 250/260 for a name brand.

I get the argument for the more expensive heads, but for what you want to achieve with this engine, I think the vortec heads will serve you well. They are proven to be able to support 400 hp with the right cam on a 350. The only real extra cost as compared to the original heads is the purchase of the heads themselves, and the manifold which you will need because the vortec ports are so much taller
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SBC Valve Springs - Page 2 Empty Re: SBC Valve Springs

Post by brownbomber77 Tue Mar 06, 2018 10:20 am

If you're doin' it...it's cheap enough with Scroggins Dickey. They have an intake and head package for $1100. Probably a 60hp increase over stock with the intake and heads. Ready to bolt on, gaskets, everything. Actually a pretty decent deal.


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