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BURRNNNOUUUTTT !!!!!!!! (pics & vid)

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BURRNNNOUUUTTT !!!!!!!! (pics & vid) Empty BURRNNNOUUUTTT !!!!!!!! (pics & vid)

Post by The Dude on Thu Apr 22, 2010 4:51 pm

OK so it's not a G3 or even an A Body, but everyone loves a good burnout right?

My brother had his truck out at my house getting ready to pull the motor from the old rusted hulk & drop it in a 78 Z28. We figured the truck deserved one last ride before he disposed of it & took some shots. If you notice the peg leg marks, they are mostly from my 76 or other buddies. My road looks like a damn dragstrip, lol!

Here is the video. He let off because it started to slide towards me. (sorry about the lack of sound):