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Long awaited running gear

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Long awaited running gear Empty Long awaited running gear

Post by jonny o Fri Aug 28, 2009 9:54 am

For those of you who followed my roadtrip thread you know I got the new wheels and tires just in time for my 2k mi roadtrip. And boy am I glad i did.

The new rear ended up at 29.5+ diameter up from somewhere around 27 and helped the 4.10 rear end make the highway miles more bearable. Around town and at the strip, I have a much bigger footprint and hopefully will be able to leave the line on the converter.

Anyway, here are some before and after shots.

This is about the only side shot I have of the old Keystones That I have had on the car for almost 10 years. 15x8 with (i believe) 255-55's.


And of course, the money shot.

I spent the 75 bucks on a Percy's Wheelright (sp) and 2 weeks of nights measuring different combinations of wheels and tires to see what would fit best. I was really hoping to stick with a 15 inch wheel, but to get anywhere near the height I wanted there weren't ANY tires available without going with a truck tire. You know I took the weelright back when I was done with it, right?

Front is a 15x8 with 4.5in backspacing and a 275-60-15.
Rear is a 16x8 with 5in backspacing and a 285-60-16.

It should be hard to tell (on the car) that they are different sizes, and the offset in backspacing is diminished by the rear tires slightly taller and wider sidewall.

I'm happy. Just wanted to share after getting so much help from some guys on the board.

jonny o
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Long awaited running gear Empty Re: Long awaited running gear

Post by Limey SE Fri Aug 28, 2009 2:18 pm

need a rear and front side view to see how wide them boogers really are man, and let me know if any takers on your rims/tires yet maybe we strike a deal or something like that.

I really love them old keystones...........you should have just brought them with when you brought the nose.................I do have a guy coming this way (From Ohio) on sept 5th maybe if we strike a deal before then he can bring them

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