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Sway Bar Upgrade, has anyone done this?

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Sway Bar Upgrade, has anyone done this? Empty Sway Bar Upgrade, has anyone done this?

Post by Doozle Sun May 22, 2016 2:07 pm

I have been doing my research on this possible upgrade for my 1973 GPSJ but wanted to know if its worth pursuing. From what I've been able to read and surmise the rear sway bar off a 94-96 GM B body & the front star ra off of a 93-02 GM F body Camaro Z28, Trans Am GTA will work on our cars (mid 70's A Body's). So has anyone actually done this mod and are you pleased with the results? Are you pleased enough that you would not only do this mod again but you'd recommend it to others as well? Aside from the bars themselves what else does one need in the way of parts procurement? Any pictures of this sway bar swap and what it looks like afterward? Anything anyone can share on this swap would be greatly appreciated. It's not like my GP handles all that badly (it doesn't) I'm just wondering if its worth the time to do it. Thanks in advance for responding favorably or unfavorably as the case may be!

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