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Colorful Time + Pinewood Derby

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Colorful Time + Pinewood Derby Empty Colorful Time + Pinewood Derby

Post by knightfan26917 Sun May 22, 2016 6:31 pm

I wrote this article, inspired by a vignette I experienced: aggravated at lost me-time, but thrilled with some quality Nephew & Niece Time.  Included is the latest car I’ve colored with the assistance of Nephew & Niece, a 1959 Cadillac:

Who raced or races Pinewood Derby cars?
These 2 were done by a son & daughter of a friend!

BTW, having a good Sunday?  If the weather where you are is as gorgeous as it is in Chicagoland, I hope you are out enjoying it: walking, bicycling, driving, sports, whatever! My life is so much different than it was a few short years ago: sad & weird to no longer have my sunny-day cars to go for a Sunday drive &/or road trip to see & meet people like I did 2002-2011.  Instead, I am sitting on the back porch, doing my weekly catch-up here & crafting for the next 7 days of posts on my website.

I quipped the other day to a friend that sometimes, you just have to laugh at the absurdity, say goodbye & let people believe whatever they want; seems to be more & more true.

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