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videos: out of comfort zone + cruise nites

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videos: out of comfort zone + cruise nites Empty videos: out of comfort zone + cruise nites

Post by knightfan26917 Sun Jun 05, 2016 5:36 pm

Quite a while since I regularly went to cruise nights; when I get a different daily driver, the urge to just drive & go to cruise nights will return.  These 3 entries are photos I took during summer 2011 cruise nights, when I attended a cruise night nearly every evening of the week.

#1 = Chevelle SS, Buick Riviera & Nova:

#2 = Mopar wagon:

#3 = a VW & an Essex (when is the last time you saw 1 of those!?)
(This post also has a link to the 1st video I recorded.)

That 1st video was me stepping out of a comfort zone.  It seemed to be well-received, so I did a 2nd video, this time about how low you let your gas tank go before filling it up again.  (You should be able to see it whether or not you are on Facebook.)

Not sure when-if I will do more video(s).

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