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Work-Road update + 77 MC & 2 76 MCs (Indianapolis, 2000)

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Work-Road update + 77 MC & 2 76 MCs (Indianapolis, 2000) Empty Work-Road update + 77 MC & 2 76 MCs (Indianapolis, 2000)

Post by knightfan26917 Sun Feb 19, 2017 12:25 am

For the 1st time in a while, I got majorly sick, not going to the office Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Luckily, I was able to work remotely a little bit (even 3 hours earlier today, Saturday), so I did not lose as much time as I would have. Yet, this has delayed my mini road trip to further test the working remotely setup. I hope to feel better & be on the road in a few days; I will drive to southern IL & perhaps into KY-TN, arriving back in northern IL around 03/01/2017. If all goes well, I will then further develop the March-April-May-June-etc. outline plans I posted last weekend. Hope to see many of you along the way!

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Work-Road update + 77 MC & 2 76 MCs (Indianapolis, 2000) MondayMessage_02132017_mrCcruiseNight_07212011_RustIsDoubtOfLife_OCSHoriginal

The science of critical timing! Anyone else think this is a cool photo? If so, check out the entry for a link to another photo by Zach; & yes, I still celebrate Single Awareness Day, which is not fun for some reasons & quite awesome for others:
Work-Road update + 77 MC & 2 76 MCs (Indianapolis, 2000) AtTheHeart_02152017_WildWagonWednesday_MichaelHayes_ZachHayes_ZHgirlfriendAlexandra_1983JeepGrandWagoneer_GumdropSingleAwareness

A moment in my history, right here; read about it in the link:
Work-Road update + 77 MC & 2 76 MCs (Indianapolis, 2000) FridayFlashback_02172017_LewisMcCrary_hisRed76mc_myFormerBlack76mc_Indianapolis2000

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