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What do I need for trunk restoration?

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What do I need for trunk restoration? Empty What do I need for trunk restoration?

Post by lagunaman Sun Jun 25, 2017 1:33 am

When I bought me car 38 years ago the PO before me had very bad leaks . The PO had drilled holes in the lowest part of the quarters to let water drain . The PO had sprayed the trunk floor with any color spray paint . The package tray was warped . Now I used the correct spatter paint . My question is what was behind the rear seat back and were there floor coverings and spare tire coverings ? I have seen pics but don't know if that is factory

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What do I need for trunk restoration? Empty Re: What do I need for trunk restoration?

Post by Joe73 Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:17 am

What spatter paint did you use?  Alot of confusion about what should be used and what is durable.  Most spatter paints have to be top coated with a "clear" for protection.  Some are even water based and to me would be effected by normal condensation even if garage kept.

I shot Zolatone spatter which I've read is what the factory used.  Its not water based and requires no topcoating.  

Behind the seat back was a piece of stiff piece of cardboard like material with thin insulation attached to it.  Pretty thin, not much too it and it fit the whole vertical area of the seat back.

As for spare tire covers or trunk mats, mine didnt come with any but I purchased my car when it was 9 years old.  So someone could have taken them out.  But I've also owned 9 other 73 chevelles and only one of them had a trunk mat.  Never had a spare tire cover in any of mine.  Might have been an option thing.  I actually prefer not to have a trunk mat again for any condensation issues with temperature changes.  

Heres a pic of my restored trunk from last October.  Again, all dustless blasted, epoxied and then Zolatone.  BTW, you need a large tip spray gun to spray Zolatone.  Definitely bigger than 2.0mm.
What do I need for trunk restoration? Trunk_10
What do I need for trunk restoration? Spare_10
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