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NK4 Sport Steering wheel horn button

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NK4 Sport Steering wheel horn button Empty NK4 Sport Steering wheel horn button

Post by relic7680 Wed 29 May 2024 - 9:00

I just installed a used GM NK4 wheel in my '76 Sprint. It came with the installation parts from the last car it was on, which included usable and non-usable pieces.

I got the OER K137 installation kit OER 329738 horn cap retainer, as NOS GM parts were difficult to source or not available within reason.
After mixing and matching my used GM pieces with the new OER stuff, I got the wheel installed with the horn working reliably.

The red plastic upper insulator ring with the (3) screws cannot be tightened down fully, or the horn will sound constantly. The screws must be left loose enough to allows the belleville washer to compress and make contact with the steering shaft. Is this how it's supposed to be? If so, should I add blue Loctite to the screws so they don't back out further?

Also, my horn cap with the OER retainer is somewhat loose after being snapped into the used GM steel cup. The cup in the OER kit produced an even looser fit. I could not source an NOS 329738 retainer, and the used GM ones are mostly broken. Is this loose fit normal for the NK4?

Thanks in advance fellas. NK4 Sport Steering wheel horn button Img_7510
NK4 Sport Steering wheel horn button Oer_k110
NK4 Sport Steering wheel horn button Oer_3210
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