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bumper sink in

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bumper sink in  Empty bumper sink in

Post by Limey SE Tue Aug 31, 2010 4:29 pm

Only had to drill (very carefully) 3 hole's in the shock's

1st step measure to make sure both sides are even (pay attention to that the most) if not you will sink one side more than the other (for example) my drivers side only needed 2 1/4 " to be pushed in, while the passenger side needed almost 2 1/2 " pushed in

2nd step drill a hole in the bumper shock that goes through the frame first (there is frame access to do this) remember to wear eye protection for its pressurized oil

3rd step drill a hole in the bumper shock close to where it slide back in (so you dont see a drilled hole when you push it in) be careful drilling this one it has the pressurized gas ( and it stinks LOL)

4th step Repeat step one so your able to put a self starting screw to hold both pieces in place

wallah your done enjoy your new bumper looks

I had to put new bolts in there as well, the the size you will need is 1.5" x 7/16" and they have the retainers/washers ( <<== on inside only retainer acts as the outer washer) you will need as well at local hardware store

pics are located here ====>>http://73-77olds.kgperformance.biz/forums/showthread.php?t=4972





Limey SE
Limey SE

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bumper sink in  Empty Re: bumper sink in

Post by The Dude Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:26 am

Write up for 1973 models. Note that earlier cars had a different arrangement than later cars:

BlackChevelleSS wrote:well, I hope you got a good air compressor and impact cause it sucks if ya dont.
heres what I did.
1. Remove the 8 bolts (4 on each side of car, 2 on each side of bracket) that hold the bumper to the shocks, if you can remove the 2 larger bolts, itd be easier, but I couldnt get them out with the filler installed

2. Remove everything attached to the bumper...brackets and all except you can leave the parking lights. make sure that you note where they all went

3. After removing the 20 thousand bolts across the bumper reinstall all of the chrome plated head bolts with some oil or anti-seize so it makes them easier to install and remove later on. So now all thats on the bumper is those bolts and the parking lights

4. Now I hope you noted where the brackets were located. Take the inside brackets that held the bumper to the shocks, swap sides and turn them inside out so they protrude inside the bumper, leave the attaching bolts loose.

5. Now install the bumper back on the shocks with those brackets and leave those bolts loose.

6. The fun part...now to get the bumper lined up. Itll move up and down and side to side. So get it lined up how to want to and tighten all the bolts.

There hope that helps. Dont think I left anything out. If you have questions ill be as much help as I can with answering them. If you like, take pictures as you do each step and post them up for others to follow. You have a big pile of brackets and bolts left over which is alot of weight loss.
The Dude
The Dude

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