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relocated inside turn signals

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relocated inside turn signals Empty relocated inside turn signals

Post by texan01 Thu Jan 12, 2012 11:09 pm

So I'm working on mixing 3 of my gauge bezels to make one good one, and I got to thinking about the turn signal repeaters. (one's broke on the wiper switch corner, one's broken around the radio and has a defog switch that I'm not using, and the other is just what's left of a bezel I found in a junked 76 that had a pristine corner that I needed)

I'm not liking the little green dots, and got to looking at the light tubes for the lamps themselves, they would exit right at the top corners of the speedo and left pod.

I'm thinking about putting some arrows there from another cluster if my plastic surgery skills are good. That or put some LEDs in place of the green fiber optics.

Has anyone does this before?

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