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Post by lars Mon Aug 11, 2014 7:58 pm

Hey guys, been a while.

I've been working at my University as an intern under the Electrical Engineering technician for over a year now, non-stop. (part-time during school, and full-time during breaks) It's fun, interesting, and brings home money. Smile

My car is my daily driver, and every other weekend I drive up to my girlfriends house (100 miles one way). I've put a substantial amount of miles on it, and am sub-500 from 100k! (i am going to video-tape the transition as it's such a milestone. (Got the car at 92k, if you're wondering, five years ago) I am always shocked at how reliable the car is, how beautiful it is, and how much fun I have fixing it/maintaining it/driving it. It is perfect for all of my needs. (well... other than gas, the "thrifty" 305 will barely get 10, if that)

Recently I've done the trunk, got the carb. rebuilt and vacuum hoses all sorted out, got the centerlink and a tie-rod end replaced, (still need to get an alignment) and replaced the oil pressure sending unit. (finally got it to stop pissing oil at a rate of a quart every two days)

I also screwed in my dash so it stops shaking and falling down, anddd bought a new radio!

It's a Retrosound Zuma, and I love it. I have a 32gb flashdrive in my ashtray (along with a 3.5mm audio jack), and can play tunes with the previous owners' updated Pioneer rear-speakers!

It's great, only I still need to sort out my semi-auto power antenna, and find some damn CONSTANT 12 volts.
(It can't keep time, or remember any stations or anything, haha, and I can't get good signal with the antenna down anyway)

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Post by JB2wheeler Thu Sep 18, 2014 11:43 am

Sounds like you have got your life under control, congrats. JB
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