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rebuilt steering box

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rebuilt steering box Empty rebuilt steering box

Post by pila Wed Jun 01, 2016 9:05 pm

When I built up the frame & running gear on my '75 Elco, I bought a rebuilt steering gear box.
Didn't pay much attention to it during all the work on the project. When I drove it from the place I built it, to the airport shop a couple weeks ago, I realized the steering had about three times as much play as the one I replaced ! Evil or Very Mad
So, I had to adjust the rebuilt box while it's bolted to the frame. Didn't want to haul that thing out & do it on the bench.
I discovered that the large bearing support on the input shaft had to be turned almost half a turn, to get it to where the adjustment could be made. And the tin jam nut was not tight on the support threads.
Anyway, after getting the adjustments done per the manual, it steers normal. I may tweak the top adjuster for the pitman shaft a bit more, after I see if it needs to be a bit tighter.

Just a heads up for anyone getting an exchange steering gear. Easy enough to check if it's been adjusted before bolting it into the frame etc....


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