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turn signal cancel cam

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turn signal cancel cam Empty turn signal cancel cam

Post by pila Wed Jan 04, 2017 10:33 pm

My horn hasn't worked since I assembled the Elco. So while catching up on all the little items on my squawk list, I started checking why the horn didn't work. Turned out that the turn signal cancel cam was broke, and the slip ring for the horn contact was bad.
Anyway, I was looking in my catalogs for a new cancel cam. Found one in the OPGI catalog, but not in the others I have laying around. OPGI had one ( tilt column) for $28.99 !!! wow !
You folks who have bought from them may have had experience like I did, when the insurance they tack on costs more than the part !
After thinking about all this, I decided to check locally for a new cam. Surprise !! Very Happy Oreilly Auto Parts had two in stock !!
Made by Dorman, who has been around, like forever !(p/n 38232) and it cost me $6.38 out the door ! It fits tilt columns '67 through '77, and likely other G3 steering columns..
Just a heads up about looking local before getting raped by some of the popular suppliers......

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turn signal cancel cam Empty Re: turn signal cancel cam

Post by Joe73 Thu Jan 05, 2017 7:31 am

Nice find. I like dorman products. They even carry speed bleeders like Russel makes. I like installing them for ease of bleeding. Good luck with it.
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