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'73 Chevelle Wagon

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'73 Chevelle Wagon Empty '73 Chevelle Wagon

Post by 74chick Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:49 pm

'73 Chevelle Wagon 73_wag10
I will have a better picture later.

This is the latest Chevelle in the fleet and the hardest for us to find. I started looking in '01. We found it in near Fresno and drove it back after it had been setting for years. You would think there would be tons of trouble with it but, not so much. Ok, I have good size bad list. However, there isn't anything there that can't be fixed at somepoint. Overall it is not that bad and for under $2000 and I drove it home. The best part is it matches my Dad's 64 Chevelle wagon.

*2 Seat, 6 pass
*307 CID 2BBL
*TH400 with Indy shifter (Was a 3 speed car, still has all the pedals)
*Factory A/C
*8.875 "12 bolt"
*3.42 gears
*Rear sway bar  

The good  What a Face :
Still has all the GM locks in it
Has a roof rack
The rear end
Still has "wagon" book from GM
It's a auto (I can't drive stick yet)
Wagon part of interior is all there.
No sign it has been hit or repainted.
Lift gate works good
Most of the important things work.

The bad Sad :
The paperwork.
Leaks from just about everywhere
Floor has rust holes by drivers foot well. And most likely many other spots
Starter needs replaced and crossover pipe is in the way.
Needs wiring help, bad.
No inside lights or gadges.
Speedo is useless
Trans crossmember is in under the frame
Rear swaybar mount is wrong
The 3 speed was removed
There is a hole cut for a floor shifter
Lack of seat belts
The seats
The interior is turning to dust
Carb needs done
Driver side rear door is rusted closed. Fixed pass side already.
The 14in rims and to small tires

There is more but, you get the point.

More to come as I get time and space to work on her. cheers

More pics
'73 Chevelle Wagon 73_tri10
'73 Chevelle Wagon 7310
'73 Chevelle Wagon Mine__10
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'73 Chevelle Wagon Empty Re: '73 Chevelle Wagon

Post by fasrnur Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:28 am

Welcome here 74chick. Nice find in my opinion and great to see another one saved from the bone yard.
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'73 Chevelle Wagon Empty Re: '73 Chevelle Wagon

Post by knightfan26917 Sun Feb 19, 2017 12:08 am

I'm glad you saved another 1 from the bone yard ... or worse!

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'73 Chevelle Wagon Empty Re: '73 Chevelle Wagon

Post by gtohenry6469 Sun Feb 19, 2017 5:20 pm

Great start, close to how mine looked. I wish mine was a manual, good luck with this sweet wagon!
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'73 Chevelle Wagon Empty Re: '73 Chevelle Wagon

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