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Road Trip this week! Blasts from past?

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Road Trip this week! Blasts from past? Empty Road Trip this week! Blasts from past?

Post by knightfan26917 Sun Feb 26, 2017 5:24 pm

Yep, this is a drive-by visit; I am preparing for my mini road trip to further test the working remotely capability for my part-time job! Tho I still cannot hear from my right ear (thinking maybe it is now more than just a severe inner-outer ear infection), I am driving my 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis to Dixon IL tonight, where I will work Monday AM, visit friends Monday PM, then head towards Okemos MI, where I will be Tuesday - Friday before returning to IL to do a few things, have my follow-up with the PCP Tuesday, 03/07/2017, & with any luck, leave Wednesday, 03/08/2017 for the southwest US! A new theme on my website (to chronicle my 2017 working road trips) will debut later today, too, with more details. I will post the itinerary for the March trip in a week or so. If you want to meet while I am on the road this week, contact me via text:

This 1977 Pontiac Can Am, owned by a friend, was the overwhelming favorite Monday, 02/20/2017!
Road Trip this week! Blasts from past? DailyVehicleChoice_02202017_magnificentMonday_BillOstovichSr_1977pontiacCanAm

This AMC wagon, along with a blue Jeep, is along a somewhat narrow & busy stretch of Plank Rd between Elgin & Burlington IL, so chances to get a good image are somewhat slim, but I keep trying:
Road Trip this week! Blasts from past? AtTheHeart_02222017_WagonWednesday_mine_122016_AMCwagon_forShaunM_PlankRd_OCSHoriginal_CookAsweetPotatoMargarita

A friend owned this 1980 Buick Regal in HS:
Road Trip this week! Blasts from past? ThursdayThrowback_02232017_LewisMcCrary_1980buickRegal_fromHSdays

Another blast from my past; LOVE this picture my sister took, but what was I thinking back then?
Road Trip this week! Blasts from past? FridayFlashback_02242017_mine_JoyTook_march2002_036_1a_1_OCSHoriginal

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