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Wiring Harness

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Wiring Harness Empty Wiring Harness

Post by Roadcaptain S3 Thu Oct 15, 2009 7:38 pm

Emailed Painless- They recommend the 64-73 chevelle harness-$515- would still have to modify the harness for the Heat/AC and the wipers according to them. It's an 18 circuit kit
Summit sells and 18 circuit universal "muscle car" harness with all of the same features as the painless kit for $250-looks identical in the catalog and the tech at summit told me that the only difference between the two is the summit fuse box is smaller. He was pushing the painless kit on me (commission?) and said the summit kit was "a good piece" but hey "painless is painless" and it will make a difference in the resale value on my Laguna-horse hockey I say. I have used painless before and nobody seemed to give a spit about it when I sold it.
I have been talking to some hot/rat rod guys and they say to use the EZwire harness which looks EXACTLY like the painless AND the summit, but costs $150. All are color coded, all use the GM column and cover everything I need to worry about, plus extra stuff that I don't have but might add later like power windows, door locks and a third Brake light.
What do you guys think? Any body ever use the summit or the EZwire?
Roadcaptain S3
Roadcaptain S3
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Wiring Harness Empty Re: Wiring Harness

Post by Limey SE Thu Oct 15, 2009 11:14 pm


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